Technical & Dry Docking Management

With our technical management services, your yacht is in expert hands. We provide comprehensive support, meticulous maintenance planning, and efficient coordination of dry dock activities to optimize performance, enhance reliability, and extend equipment longevity.

Our experienced team oversees day-to-day technical operations, troubleshoots issues, and provides timely solutions for uninterrupted yacht operations. We work closely with our crew, offering technical expertise to address any challenges and keep onboard systems running smoothly.

We handle maintenance budgeting and planning, creating a customized maintenance plan for your yacht. Through thorough assessments, budgeting, and proactive scheduling, we minimize breakdowns, extend equipment lifespan, and optimize efficiency.

We also manage dry dock services, coordinating maintenance, repairs, and inspections while your yacht is out of the water.

We handle project planning, budgeting, procurement, and oversee all necessary work during the dry dock period.