New Build & Refit Project Management

Our new build and refit management services offer comprehensive oversight and coordination for yacht construction or renovation projects, ensuring a successful and seamless outcome. We handle various aspects from start to finish.

Our services include:

Project Planning and Consultation: We work closely with yacht owners, providing expert advice on design, engineering, and compliance. We help set project goals and make informed decisions.

Budgeting and Cost Control: We develop and control project budgets, estimating costs, conducting analyses, and monitoring expenses. We provide regular financial reports to the owner.

Design and Engineering Management: We collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers, overseeing the design process and ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements.

Shipyard Selection and Contract Negotiation: We assist in selecting the right shipyard, evaluating capabilities and negotiating contracts to protect the owner's interests.

Project Coordination and Supervision: Our team acts as the central point of contact, coordinating all activities and stakeholders, monitoring progress, and conducting quality control inspections.

Vendor and Supplier Management: We handle equipment and service procurement, ensuring timely delivery and coordination with subcontractors.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure compliance with regulations and work closely with regulatory bodies for necessary certifications and inspections.

Project Documentation and Reporting: We maintain comprehensive documentation and provide regular updates and reports on milestones, budget, and developments.

Sea Trials and Delivery: We organize sea trials, oversee final inspections, and ensure a smooth handover to the owner.