Crew Management

With our comprehensive yacht crew management services, you can trust that your crew needs are in capable hands. We handle employment, payroll, administration, travel arrangements, and provide cutting-edge technology solutions, allowing you to enjoy your yacht while maintaining a well-managed crew environment.

Our expert team specializes in providing top-notch crew employment services, to meet the unique needs of yacht owners and operators, ensuring your vessel is staffed with highly skilled professionals. From recruitment to onboarding, we handle the entire process seamlessly.

We also provide meticulous crew payroll services, guaranteeing accurate and timely processing while ensuring compliance with regulations. Our crew administration services streamline tasks such as documentation and insurance, ensuring compliance and comprehensive support for crew members.

For crew travel arrangements, our services cover flights, accommodations, and transportation, prioritizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, our innovative Crew App empowers crew members with essential information and communication tools, enhancing coordination and collaboration onboard.